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LAIMIAN GALAXY CITY APARTMENT - Combining expensive apartments with modern design, with outstanding green architecture to create safe living space, build the most beautiful and ideal home. LAIMIAN apartment project promises to leave a deep imprint in every customer coming to see the project, as well as visiting a model apartment - An inscription is not light, an unforgettable impression.

If at the moment people are rushing to find places to live in big cities, then the RAEMIAN CITY apartment project will be a pioneering option for those needs. With attractive information such as special location, high-end facilities and synchronous .... the project of Home Investment Development (HDTC) owner is a strong and strong concern. most powerful in real estate market in 2019.



Currently, MY VAN GROUP F0 distribution floor from the investor is (receiving customer information) needs to book the project to hold the earliest place.
In order to meet the needs of customers' interest in the present time, HDTc investors are mobilizing all efforts to push up the construction progress of raemian city - An Phu urban area luxury apartment building to complete. Index set for introducing apartments to customers. It is expected that the opening ceremony of the sale of city raemian apartment in quarter 4/2018, at the end of 2020 with more than 2000 luxury apartments, complete and handed over to customers, smart design from 2 - 4 rooms to sleep, furniture high-end, full utilities inside the area.
Detailed apartment information as expected
Apartment designed with 1-2 bedrooms with area of ​​49 m2 to 74 m2
3-4 bedroom apartment with area:  99 m2 to 135 m2

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Project of apartment raemian city
The human factor indicates the success, prestige and brand of a product; As for raemian condominium project, the apartment complex is formed by members who are reputable and long-term organizations in the high-class housing construction market.
Project location: (CLAM CT3 - CT4) Four facades of Luong Dinh Cua street, west belt, ceiling pomegranate and street 37, Binh an, district 2 - TP. Ho Chi Minh
Investor: Joint Stock Company of Housing Development and Trading (hdtc)
Design unit: Han-guk
Building contractors:
Total area of ​​complex: CT3 more than 21,000m2 is expected to be more than 2000 units of 40 floors. CT4 more than 10,000m2 is expected to be more than 1000 apartments with 39 floors.
Total number of apartments: more than 3000 luxury apartments
Open for sale: Quarter II / 2019
Expected handover: Quarter IV / 2020

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LAIMIAN CITY apartment project has strong advantages, based on a solid foundation of HDTC investor, the units are concerned with but the above information is clear, customers can be assured and send their confidence. believe.
Location of Raemian city project
Located in the position considered to be the Luong Dinh's destination to welcome Long Thanh Dau Giay highway, a vibrant development area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City. It takes 10 minutes to go to Thu Thiem underground tunnel to District 1. 10 minutes away from Thu Thiem Bridge to Binh Thanh, convenient transportation to Tran Than, Nguyen Hoang, Sai Gon Bridge, Binh Thanh and Thu Duc, Dong Nai ..
So living at LAIMIAN CITY customers absolutely do not need to worry about having to travel a long way to the center or surrounding areas.
With the advantage of close proximity to important agencies and places, Full utilities need life for large hospitals, parks, schools, kindergartens for entertainment centers, Metro maket ... The extremely rare central location of the big center is Thu Thiem urban area and Thao Dien urban area.
LAIMIAN CITY apartment architecture
With the desire to aim at the green campus - to harmonize life for all families, investors invest in the European-style Raemian city architectural design, on the one hand, develop life - on the one hand make the nature beautiful, Harmonious interaction resonates with each other. Work is an apartment complex combined with a specific trade center as below.
LAIMIAN CITY apartment architecture design is invented by investors to select the best and most suitable designs.
- Being evaluated by real estate experts as a project with high aesthetics and application level, Raemian city apartment was built with the goal of bringing residents living here a comfortable and comfortable life.
There are areas for shopping centers, supermarkets, utility services such as Yoga, Fitness, Gym, Spa ... are planned for science and convenience. You do not have to go a long way to shop or relax, just 5 minutes you can have everything you want.
- From MOSS to the 40th floor is designed by leading designers, elaborate, meticulous to every detail, optimizing the use of houses, creating an airy space filled with wind and natural light to each lane niche.
Architecture with many high-class facilities, the leading advanced project now LAIMIAN CITY deserves the first choice for you when you want to find a permanent settlement. Investor analyzes and calculates every resident's needs when living here, all in just 5 minutes, 1 step, you can get everything you want.
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Shopping mall & shopping mall
When the sisters, mothers have the need to purchase necessities, goods and supplies for the family, press the elevator to the ground floor of RAEMIAN CITY apartment, which is the planning place of the commercial center and the big supermarket. With a wide variety of diverse goods, you can delight in choosing.
Sports practice area
- If you want a fit and healthy body, every day at the gym, Yoga, Gym ... with modern equipment and experienced coaches.
- Large outdoor pool with beautiful landscape design is a great destination for sweltering summer days.

HOTLINE: 09499926779



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